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The Active Learning Spaces Book
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Learning Space Refurbishment
Traditional lecture theatres - with rows of single seats - do not support active learning, but these spaces can be refurbished to create an engaging and effective active learning space.  
Discover how to transform this antiquated lecture theatre.......
..... into this engaging space that supports didactic teaching and collaborative working within a single session, with staff able to move between the various learning groups.
Photography Courtesy of Marketing and Creative Services, Queen's University Belfast
This room once contained rows and columns of single tables.  Now different hight tables create a raked effect on a flat floor, and students either face the front for tutor led sessions, or turn to work collaboratively in groups of 6. Discover how this innovative Turn and Learn Environment creates an adaptive space without the need for rearrangement of either furniture or students.
Photography Courtesy of Nigel Thomas, Aberystwyth University